Parking Guide for Charles Music Store

There is street parking directly in front of our store on Glendale Ave.  While the curb appears to be a red zone in some areas, it is okay to park anywhere because it is no longer a bus stop. 

If there are no street spots in front of the store, the next best place to park is on Everett St, parallel to Glendale Ave behind the store.  Everett is accessible via Doran or Lexington.  Please note the red zones are active on Everett, and there is street cleaning Tuesday and Wednesday in the mornings.  Also, be aware that when the elementary school gets out between 2-3pm, Doran and Everett can get pretty backed up. 

After 5pm and on Saturdays, it is okay to park in the Glendale Health Center parking lot directly north of the store.  The same applies to the parking lot accessible from Everett next to the Vitamin Shoppe. 

Please do not park in the driveway behind the store that runs between Glendale Ave and Everett.  This driveway is owned by the property behind the store and the parking spots are reserved for the tenants of that building.