Teacher Focus

After a decade as an in-demand, behind the scenes L.A. studio cat who programmed arranged and played in countless TV and video projects, master guitarist/sythesist Eric Byak is back in the concert scene. Eric can now be found center stage as the creative force in QUANTUM ENERGY and his new CD “The Thorns of Barcelona”  takes his abilities to a whole new higher vibration. Soon to be released, the album is a stylish fusion ofsmooth jazz and funk/rock elements.  Each track on all the instrumental CD features Eric's seductive guitar work seamlessly interwoven with classic jazz, breezy funk, and sensuous Brazilian rhythms.
His past clients include: MCA/Universal, Amblin Entertainment, RCA/Tri-Star, American Express/Destination Group , Disney,  BuenaVista TV. Past performances include: Playboy Jazz in Central Park. Temecula Wine and Jazz Festival , Redondo Beach jam, Malibu Arts Festival andPageant of the Masters/Festival of Arts 2012.